Grant Cameron on UFO Misinfo

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Grant Cameron on Tom Delonge & To The Stars Academy

I was more or less with him until he said he believes portals might be real. Everyone of these guys has to have some fantastic thing they believe in based solely on hearsay.


This guy has focused his research on tracking and mapping how the US Gov has used UFO "whistleblowers" to manage and leverage the UFO topic and the public's perception of it for their own mysterious designs. Is a "managed disclosure" occuring designed to acclimatize us to the reality of the technology while shielding those who have committed horendous crimes against humanity keep the "big secret" from prosecution for their deeds? Is there no UFO substance whatsoever and the gov. and military are simply using the public's fascination with the topic for nefarious purposes? 


Post your theory here about what is going on with Tom Delonge and all of these supposed former and current officials that "appear" to be backing his coked-fueled ramblings.

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