Friendly cop keeping us safe

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Police Officer Rips Guy Off Motorcycle & Slams Him On The Ground For NO Crime - Earning The Hate

Imagine running up to someone walking in front of your house throwing them to the ground and tying them up because you think they might rob your house. Sounds psychotic right? WHATS THE DIFFERENCE!


I was sleeping in my truck at a rest stop on the thruway on my way home from a month long adventure in Maine and Canada and woke up to a NH trooper sitting behind me(it was around 3pm), I got out of my truck to stretch out and use the restroom when the cop got on his loud speaker and demanded I get against my truck, I said NO and asked what the fucking problem was, the cop drew out his fucking gun and demanded again. I just yelled at him again asking what the fucking problem was and why he was so agro. He then asked me to move to the rear of my truck and when I did he approached and asked for my ID, when he ran my shit he came back and apologized saying he thought my truck was stolen because nothing showed up on his system when he ran my plates, then he realized my registration was up and his dickhead nature came out again when he realized he got something, even though I told him it ran up when I was on vacation for the past month and I didnt realize it he said I better be able to register it online using my phone or (I)"will be walking home". I was able to do it, thank god. I asked him why he was so jumpy and agro and he said I spoked him when I got out of my truck because he thought no one was in the truck when he was running my plates. He left me alone after that.   

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