Dawn of the Living Socks Digital Rerelease

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Dawn of the Living Socks Digital Rerelease

Dawn of the Living Socks was filmed on Super-8mm film with no sound, in Victoria, BC in 1980. Some scenes were done at the University of Victoria. Some editing was done with the film, then it was converted to 3/4th inch video in early 1981, and the voices were dubbed on, and sound effects, and music were added. Sorry for scratches, video noise, and focus and lighting issues. I'd love to send a hi-resolution digital camera back in time for us to have used instead.

The movie premiered at Imagine Con, a science fiction convention at the University of Victoria in February 1981.

This digital re-release of Dawn of the Living Socks is converted from a Betamax copy of the 3/4th inch video. Some scenes have been added, many of which were also filmed in super 8mm film, but a few were done with a Nikon CoolPix waterproof, with the resolution adjusted to come close to matching the rest of the film. 

Some dialogue and sound effects have been added, and a few bits of dialogue have been corrected from mistakes made during the original dubbing (we only had a few nights to do all the sound and video editing). The additions are intended to better hold the story together, and hopefully at no point hurt the flavor of the original version.

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