COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

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Feb 12 - China Crematorium Visit - Coronavirus Updates From Shenzhen & a General Chat

Main conspiracy theory is that the government is lying about how many people are dying...


Video shows the Shenzhen crematorium, just to see if it's busy, while OP chats about some of the latest FakeNews & what's going on in Shenzhen. OP has lived in Shenzhen & Hong Kong for about 15 years, owns a bar in Shenzhen & lives there with wife & kids.


Here's the official data for Shenzhen:



Couple things mentioned:

- Crematoriums running 24/7 -- this is because infected people who die must be cremated immediately, it doesn't mean they're in use 24/7.

- Sulfar cloud over Wuhan -- there's a discussion about it on Reddit, apparently the image that sparked the theory includes forecast data & the NASA data for Wuhan is not unusual.




My main argument against a massive government coverup of dead people is: Why the fuck would they risk doing that, getting caught & losing massive amounts of legitemacy throughout the world?

Obviously the official numbers are lower than the real numbers, this is always the case. People can die without being diagnosed, not everyone who has it has been tested etc. Eg. it's estimated that the death toll from H1N1 is 10-15X higher than the official numbers due in part because of how they measured H1N1 fatalities.


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