Classic Trump On Bounties

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Trump says on #AxiosOnHBO that he didn't bring up Russian bounty scheme on Putin call

Trump and his clownshow administration has been all over the place on the intelligence services telling of the bounties paid by Putin to the Taliban for the killings of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Trump first said he didn't get an intelligence briefing on it, people in his administration said he did but didn't read it, Trump then fell back on "It's all fake news." Just a total shitshow. When finally asked a direct question about it, he denied, deflected, and redirected to China while saying he didn't mention a word about it when he talked to Putin. People in the military who I know are bullshit. I would be too.


I love the classic jacket grab and the accordion hands Trump shows to launch his deflecttion and immediate redirection when he feels cornered. This guy is a complete fucking dipshit.



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