Arch Warhammer, DACA, and why he got it wrong.

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Arch Warhammer and DACA - You Got it Wrong.

Not sure how many of you know who Arch Warhammer is, he is a Youtuber who creates detailed Warhammer Lore videos. He also have other Warhammer related videos, such as video game reviews and Gameplay footage of Warhammer related games, but he is mostly know for his Lore videos. I have been watching him for about a year, and recently it has become clear that over time his videos appear to be leaking some political commentary. He has also gone on to create his own political rant/ current events channel where he talks about a range of topics. Recently I watched his commentary on DACA and the Dream Act, and as someone with first hand experience on the topic I felt that his coverage was severely lacking in an understanding of the issue. This is specially true given that his views on immigration appear to be incredibly black and white.


Here is my response to him, which I actually hope he gets to see. 

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