Graphic Improvements

nekped's picture

Here are my suggestions to improve the front page, content page and forum layout. They are simple changes that l think will improve the look of the site a lot. Even reminiscient of the spiked humor layout.

Front Page: Add a white background and orange border to the "Important Updates" header and desc cell like everything below it. Add a black background inside the orange borders surrounding all of the center content, to match the background behind the logo. Add a Search header above the search bar cell with a dark background like the other sideber headers, and align the top of the search header (now the top of the sidebar) to the bottom of the white account/forum header. Label the button "Go" so it isn't redundant. A custom button icon with a spike would be cool for the search button.


Forum: Add a white background to "Add a new forum topic". Add a dark background to forum/topics/posts header. Black background in the large orange border around the forums.


Video Content: Add a white background to the ratings bar and "add a new comment"/"bookmark this" links. Black background in the big border.


This send reply page: Change the font for the Flags header from Bold to Regular. Black background in the big border.


Threads need an orange border and grey background for OP and reply cells while the large orange border around them has a black background.