You will be bombarded with UFOs

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Saagar Enjeti: Here’s Why UFO Disclosures Are NOT A Pentagon Ploy For More Funding

I think this isn't having quite the impact many expected on the populace. It's not that MOST people actually believe bullshit, but they have been conditioned to pretend they stand for or believe things they know to be untrue for social credit and, at this point, that effect has become so saturated that, without a clear indication of social reward, people aren't ingesting this new UFO information and reacting to it in the way certain folks might have expected. As more and more of the population commits to a life that embraces falseness and self-delusion, we get to a point where it doesn't really matter what UFOs are or what they mean - it's a race to the burn pile regardless so who cares? I think this is what I am seeing. 

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