We are allowed to ask questions now, Chinavirus origins

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Coronavirus "Most Likely Escaped From Lab" - Former CDC Director

Facebook would delete your post if you talked about this, youtube would demonetize and ban you if you talk about this, lamestream media would never mention this and struck down anyone who did, but now all of sudden we are allowed to discuss this? Now people with microphones are asking these questions that were well known of last year. I wonder if it had to do with getting Trump out, if this was exposed under Trump then perhaps more people would have rallied under Trump to go after China. Either that or they know they can bury the truth now under Biden. Perhaps if the sheeple knew how much the USA and China worked together to create this and the lengths people in the government went to cover it up, they just might ask some probing questions of our government. God forbid the pesky citizens start asking questions!  

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Wasn't there a scientist that was selling animals that had been experimented on to the wet market?

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