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Morgan Freeman on race...and his birthday

From only 7 years ago. So, what happened? Is Don Lemon lying in this interview? Did Don Lemon's mind change over 7 years? Was Don Lemon replaced by an imposter? Or is Trump Derangement Syndrome real? I think the answer is that Don Lemon has always been a pandering and virtue-signaling empty head, saying whatever he thinks is the right thing to say to gain approval without a second thought to what he actually believes (the two are one and the same from his perspective, and therefore change frequently depending on the latest fashion of elitist political thought). Principles are nowhere to be found. Here Don is speaking with a man of principle and he wants the man's approval. That's it - that's the totaility of thought. He never shared Freeman's principles - he doesn't know what one of those things actually is. Neither do the woketards that bumble about on this site.


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Beta Tester

Dudes cool as fuck ...he once said something like “ you want racism to go away ?? Simple , you stop calling me a black man and I stop calling you a white man “ 

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