Is VW racist?

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Volkswagen "Racist" Ad May 2020

I had to look a bit to get the raw ad without someones opinion attached to it. 
A few pointers what is considered offensive in no particular order:

  • caucasian hands manipulating dark skinned person
  • the shop the person is pushed into is called "petit colon", which translates as "small settler" or "small coloniser" into english using". Maybe someone that speaks french can shine a light on this?
  • The letters "DER NEUE GOLF" (german for "the new golf") appear in a certain order on the screen if you slow the video down around 0:07 first the letters NEG, then ERL appear:
      G   L

    Using all of the letters no word making any sense can be constructed, however the first word that somewhat jumps at you is "NEGER" (negroe) because of the way it is displayed on the screen. However there are plenty more words that can be constructed, like REGEN (rain), REGEL (rule) LEGEN (lay down), GERNE (with pleasure) or LEGER (casual).

So the questions are:

Racist or not?
If so, intentional?
If yes, by whom? VW? Or the production company? Or the director? etc.

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grasping at straws. even if it were intentional, what would be the point?

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I thought subliminal messaging was illegal

The niggers can go back up the petit colon, small colon - of their mother?

I have never seen a nigro drive a Golf anyway, aint that much nigros in germany also

It seems like racism, wich it probably is, like that swatstika eagle ride in the amusement park, not for ppl of other race, i can't see a jew ride that, same with this car


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Not the first time somthing like this has been done to draw eyes. The outrage blows over, forgotten in a week... but or monkey brains still remeber the brand WW. Just make it vague enough that you can plausibly deny it.

It's interesting, as it works. People forget the outrage so fast it's absurd. H*M with their blackface skarf, Pepsi with their hijaking black lives matter along with that Cardashian kid. 

I think this was PR trick.


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