Truck Stuck Since 2019

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There's NO WAY you'll recover that truck! (Rescuing a Chevy Silverado)

From YT :

So we got a call for a Chevy Silverado that was stuck on the top of Boulder Mountain.

The owner had slid off the road back in the fall of 2019 The truck came to rest in a very precarious position.

He was able to hike out to Highway 12.

He had one towing company go and look and four others that just refused. The forest service was threatening to fine him if he didn't get it removed.

We were unfamiliar with the area and everybody we talked to made it sound like there's no way we would get it out, because of that we were a little apprehensive going in. It was about 60 miles of rough dirt road, which was doable in a stock pick up.

About a block from the truck we got to the top of the mountain with some of the most amazing views on planet Earth.

This truck was down an extremely Steep and off-camber Trail and then off the side at about 45 degree angle.

Paul and Matt were able to get it rigged up and winched out of there. It actually went rather easy.

Surprisingly the truck started and we were able to drive it out.


From me :

Guys, try not to fuck yourselves like that.

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