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X JAPAN (X) - Rose Of Pain LIVE 1991 (Korean, Japanese Sub)

seriously, all the live versions sounds as great as the studio version.



so good i've been hesitant to post it

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Their drummer is one of the top living drummers in the world.


Musical composition and syncroncity is excellent.


Their vocalist really learned his English. The Japanese lanuguage does not have an L pronounciation. Hence why we mock it as Engrish. But for the most part he nailed his  L's.


The only petty gripe I have, is that there was almost no showmanship from these guys. That could be a cultural thing though.


There was no rocking out, and it felt like they relied heavily on their lights, clothes, and hair to be flashy for them.


Like I said, a petty gripe compared to the excellence of their performance.

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