Spiked Member: 3 POWERFUL Ways To Sell To Businesses

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3 POWERFUL Secrets - How To Sell To Businesses

Hey guys, This is my first video on my new channel. 
I've been doing sales for over 10+ years and I specialize in selling and marketing to businesses and companies.
This video is the first of many for a channel I have big plans for, the main focus is to bring ROI and value viewers
and subscribers involved or wanting to know more about sales, marketing, business and persuasion.

Visiting spiked is something I've been doing for a loooooong time, since the early days of the old site, crave
and spankwire.
I would really appreciate your views, subs, likes and very importantly comments.
If you have constructive criticism on how to improve, I would love to hear it here. If you want to show love,
please comment on the youtube video.
Roger (Roy Hoss is a brand I am growing, also on linkedin and facebook)

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If you need some advice with your specific business or something relating to sales, marketing or business feel free to post it here or contact me on any of my social media and i'll be happy to provide input.

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