Shenmue - Lookin for Sailors

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Shenmue I'm Lookin' for Sailors music video

My names Ryo

I live in Japan

With my dad and my grandma

And some guy named Fuku-San


I got a pretty cool jacket

With a tiger on it

I wear stonewashed blue jeans

If you got it flaunt it


I found a kitten near my house

I got a hoe named Nazomi

When they get outa line

I slap em on the ass and say "blow me"

I got a TIMEX watch

And a toy collection

"Let's get sweaty"

Practice makes perfection


I'm lookin for some sailors

Looking high and low

I'm looking for sailors

Where did they go

I'm looking for sailors

Looking left and right

Yo, were you keep the sailors

In the middle of the night

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Hah, this was cute and fun. 

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