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(Archive) Ukrainian sabotage-recon group failed operation| November 23rd 2017 | Donbass

Ukrainian sabotage-recon group failed op

There is an official version of events from the Ukrainian side, it does not reflect the reality tho : "about 7-30am at the observation post, movement of the Sabotage-Recon Group of Novorossian Armed Forces (NAF) towards the Bakhmut Highway was detected, a mobile group was sent to intercept. During the pursuit of the enemy, who was retreating back, the group crossed the highway and was ambushed. ( On the video they do not look like they pursuing anyone) Then, using mortar fire, an attempt was made to stop the NAF from advancing on the right flank. The fighting continued until dusk. Under the enemy's fire, the wounded and the body of one deceased were evacuated. (not true, we see dead in the NAF video) Two servicemen caught in the encirclement entered into a local battle, managed to make mine traps, waited until the morning and got back to their own. One wounded was taken a prisoner"


Sad part 15:38

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yeah that chat with the guy's mum was rough. dang.

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