No one wants to work


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Wasnt or isnt Canada paying like $2000 a month to people since the lockdown? To like everyone who lost their job? And no matter what their income was prior to the lockdown? In the USA its half what your income was for 1/4 of the previous year, maybe, some states pay way way less, like less than $100 a week. Oh and the highest paying states, like NY and CA cap it off at $500 max payout. So if you had a $75k job that you lost because the government shut down your business, you still only get $24k yr on unemployment. With the extra $300 on top you still only get $38k yr. At a $15/hr job you get $28k/yr. Unemployment gives 1/2 that, so $300/week($14k yr), the $300 extra would pay the same as a $15/hr job. Mcds pays $15/hr in NY. 

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