Let's talk about Biden and oil jobs....

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Let's talk about Biden and oil jobs....

oh no, it will put companies that clean up after oil spills out of business

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"Give me a generation of youth and I will change the world" -Lenin


"We have had articles about this for over 15 years." - Beau


"Propoganda requires elements of truth but not the whole truth to be effective." - Hitler


"If you hear a lie long enough, you begin to believe it." - Hitler


And why were fossil billionairs planning to cut production by 40% in the first place? You can't tell me that they became altruistic all of a sudden. More like they were priming people for this so that fools have a "legitimate" arguement to fall back on as the middle class and American self sufficiency is eroded in the name of globalism.


People in the fossil sector shouldn't have to leverage their representatives to get education in green energy jobs. Government should have taken that into account in the first place. And they knew this.


Beau is insinuating that fossil fuel workers are responsible for the choices made outside of their control, against their will, and made through executive orders not discussed or debated or VOTED by the Senate.


Cause guess what, if the senate VOTED and said NO, you will just have to deal with it.


Beau is such a liar by omission.


"It is a certainty that technology brings change. Control the technology, control the change." - Me

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