LAPD come to stop looters, arrest owners instead

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LAPD show up to a store that requested help against looters and immediately put the black owner

Just when you think US cops have reached peak incompetence...


They're called to stop looters from attacking an LA store, and upon arrival they arrest the first black people that they see. Didn't ask who they were, and when told that they were in fact the store owners and not the looters in question, this information just bounces right off them.


Abso-fucking-lutely incredible.

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The dumb cunt reporter pointed them out stuttering "they, that, there, there, sir sir OK" so the cop goes and arrests them THEN she says they are the store owners to a differenet cop! Then another cop is trying to get information from them asking them where the lootter/joggers are and THEN the retarted reporter tells them. How do you not see/hear this?

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