Junkball Destroys Picard


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thought about writting this comment 4 or 5 times and then i end up not posting it. i don't think this guy watched the show. i'd also question his knowledge on star trek


first. the show tells you that rikers kid is dead because they couldnt find a cure because the tal shiar sabotaged the android system, taking all the ai research with it when it was banned. now. the federation, knowing this. they asked riker to lead the armada against the very people riker would blame for his kid's death


now for the ship. this isn't like any other start trek war you've seen. the dominion war and the borg war comprised of every ship available. if a ship was warp capable and had a weapon, its was in the war. this time its mass produced war ships, they got no engineering, science or medical ships in the armada. its all the same ship, the fastest and strongest ship they have to offer and specifically, a inquiriy class which they consider to be battleships. the color of the hull would imply its got ablative armor which boils off the damage. how the ships are positioned makes sense also. not all weapons shoot in a 360 arc around the ship. most of the weapons in the star trek universe are forward facing. so you got to face what you want to shoot at


thinking about the stuff i mentioned above. the federation wasn't playing around. they sent riker for a battle hoping it wouldn't lead to that

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