Journalism & Power - A Historical Pattern

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John Pilger special – Beyond the headlines on Syria, Salisbury, Yemen & North Korea

John Pilger is among a handful of honest journalists who cover controversial foreign policy topics


Timecodes for each topic:

1:10 - Economics

2:15 - Syria chemicals

2:30 - UK government integrity

3:30 - Propaganda against Russia (insightful perspective)

10:30 - Iran

13:50 - Korea

21:30 - DNC/Hillary

23:30 - Wikileaks


He mentions other honest journalists in this interview:

Seymour Hersh [articles] [videos] [books]

Robert Fisk [articles] [videos] [books]

Gareth Porter [articles] [videos] [books]


They're a dying breed. The youngest is Fisk @ 71 yrs old. The only other one I know of is Patrick Cockburn.


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Beta Tester

I wish the western media actually took people like this seriously and asked them similar questions about everything. But, it doesn't pay to do actual journalism.

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