JD demonstrates how the left divides and hates.

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Class Solidarity or "Deplorables"? -- The Left's Failed Messaging.

Mostly over in the first 10 mins so don't be put off by the full 45 min video length.

The historical stuff he started with was really interesting and news to me, and I find myself agreeing a lot with his characterization of the problem today of people on the authoritative left - they spend all day every day name-calling everyone who isn't exactly like them, then all night doing exactly the same to people who are exactly like them.


Found it frustrating how he didn't ask that guy how he came to his conclusions on what the boogaloo boys stood for or if he'd ever even talked to any of them.

"The boogaloo boys are a far-right racist organization"

"OK how do you know that?"

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Is this sal's uncle?

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