Howard Stern Leaked Footage

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Howard Stern staff LEAK FOOTAGE! Howard demands staff create fake twitter accounts

haaaahaaaaaa itchy "scalp" 02:47
claims the show had 23 million subs in 2013! 07:23
obsession with oprah winfrey 11:04
talks about HTV crew pitching lol they would be disbanded couples months later 15:02-16:50
howard stern takes a pro gay agenda stand 21:20
High Pitch Gay Mike Morales shout out 23:02
says roughly they have 13-14 millions (bullshit) in 2013 "exclusive" listeners 29:30
ewwww dumb gay richard christy strategy to get brad pitt on the show 31:20
ahahahahahah Scott Depace job is to get Rush Limbaugh on . Scott would be fired in month or so after this seminar. 34:05
the reason all the fat slobs on the show started to wear sports coats 44:28
47:29 more hair system itching
fake twitter time stamp 38:50

Live recording of the of the seminar in which Howard lectures staff to create fake twitter accounts. Staffer records secretly Getting things done inspired sermon

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