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is a weak emotion

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im in a similar fucked..needed a car..bought a fucked..put MANY miles on it and now in need of repair..cant afford repairs AND payment..fucked..payements cant get caught fucked...bought it for $15,000..after 2 years, i know owe $19,000 ...they wont refinance..still currently fucked....about to be fucked even moreso because my options are: 1) voluntary repossesion.2) INvolutary repossesion, or 3) Bankruptcy..none of which help my credit or ability to buy a home (which was on my to-do list this year) ..and all these roads seemingly lead to court. ..i've truly considered rolling it into a river or crashing it for gap insurance (if it's even still covered) ....but i dont have it in my heart to do something like that.....i probably should check this movie out..but i fear it's only gonna break my heart more because of how true it all is.

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