Former Facebook CEO Warns of Civil War


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Divide and conquer, its the oldest trick in the book, the democrat republican elected switches almost every time, to keep everyone happy, its like a win happy boost you get when gambling, ppl need that apparently and it is provided to the ppl.

As i see it it makes no difference if it is republican or democrat, is it not the real point that what is done is what needed to be done, and is it possible to have a president come out wich is neither democrat or republican, the answer is no, the system is corrupt... its like running a banana republic with a huge money cheat nothing more nothing less.

You can't have a president who is grey, he has to choose black or white, there is no middle ground although most ppl are grey, do you realy honestly care who is in office, IF the work was done above you was done well.

ppl learn from the past.

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