The Forgotten Washington UFO Invasion

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UFOs Over DC: The Forgotten Crisis. Richard Dolan.

Dolan is a historian who sacrificed his professorship to study the history of UFO-related activity within the government and military. That was a hard choice. He's done a fantastic job of documenting the UFO-related government and military activities that were going on in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s that were not reported in the newspapers and television news shows of the time. It reveals that at the highest levels the UFO phenomenon was considered a real, not imaginary, phenomenon and also as a panic-inducing threat that had to be managed within the population while the topic itself sunk deeper and deeper into the depths of the burgeoning clandestine intelligence infrastructure. Dolan recounts a struggle between two groups at the Pentagon - one which believed the phenomenon should be assumed to be interplanetary and everything should proceed on that assumption with a careful but relatively open investigation, and a second group that held the phenomenon should not be assumed to be interplanetary and that because of the public panic induced by such events as the Washington fly-over the topic should be black-holed for study with all of the psy-op stuff you'd have to deploy against the population to go with that. 

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