Fallout 1 in 2020


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In all it's 2D isometric simplicity, Fallout 1 and 2 were able to tell a dark bleak story about the end of the world. They were raw, unapologetic, and brutal. Fallout 2 was gritty, and you really felt the desperation of each character trying to survive as best as they could. The music did a FANTASTIC job at creating this morbid contrast between the desperation of the disaster, as well as the desire to explore the wasteland and discover it's story and mysteries. I still remember as a kid, when I finally discovered how to reach Sierra Depot by becoming a made man for one of the new reno families, I could really feel the nostalgia of discovering a relic of the past.


To me, Fallout 2 is the last real entry in the saga -barring Fallout Tactics, which was a pretty sweet game-.

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