drunk flight attendant gets fired


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Oh god forbid, imagine the horror of those passengers not putting their trays in the upright position and using their cellphones. Oh the humanity.

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Everyone is sitting on top thousands of gallons of kerosene.

The blast radius is bigger than the plane itself.

The belts don't even satisfy the safety requirement for cars.

You call the lack of atmosphere which the plane needs to stay in the air "turbulence".


A flight attendant is someone who knows all of this but still want to serve you coffee.

Yet they are presented as someone having anything to do with your safety on a flight.

Their uniforms are designed to resemble military uniforms to convey a sense of authority.

If it was about your safety they wouldn't be hiring young, skinny and attractive women in high heels.

They would hire big strong guys who doesn't take shit from anybody.

The women are there to calm down stressed out aggressive males. Which is a genius move.

Yes, there are male flight attendants, sure, and a overwhelming majority of them have effeminate qualities. Nothing wrong with that. But it's part of the same strategy.


You're loosely strapped inside a highly explosive projectile sailing on air.

Having these ridiculous requirements for cabin crew is part of convincing you that is not the case.

It was never about your safety. It's about maintaining the perception of a safe flight.


And if that perception fails with a single drunk flight attendant, I get it.

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