Dorks bully star wars dork

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Twitter Drama - My Response

This guy says he was bullied in school and traumatized over the criticism of the prequels and when he watches Star Wars content he often has a look on his face like he's having a religious experience. The truth is I think that he's pretty shallow and straightforward in his analysis and "actual theory" but his coverage of the subject matter is extensive. He's very deep on trivia but terrible when it comes to analyzing the films with a critical mind.

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Ok.. gotcha. I don't watch all his stuff cause a lot of it is just that, 'theory'. But I must admit that I too had an aha moment when he posted the video of Dave Filoni going on about the 'Dual of the fates' lightsaber battle in Ep1.  Had Quigon prevailed, life would likely have turned out differently for little Anakin. So a terrific catch by Filoni that was nicely featured by this guy.  Unless ya'll had already realized that's why the song is called dual of the fates,... Don't mind me... I was today years old when I realized that the Beetles is spelled the Beatles.  ;-)

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