disney fired me

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021)

so i thought i coudn't make a another (boy was i wrong)

No more Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. Disney fires James Gunn. COME  ON!!!!! - GIF on Imgur

and than josh said; "hey they are hyring at
Warner Bros. Intro [1080p] on Make a GIF
they let me fuck up a perfectly good movie why dont you try it, these a-holes are desperate"
Doctor Fate ◦ Justice League - DOCTOR FATE. - Wattpad
so i took a shitload of money and now i made A different kind of GOTG and called it POOP IN A BAG..........no thats wrong.......its called
Suicide Squad 2 Image Unites All 15 Task Force X Characters

it even has a doctor who with penisses on his head


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its a shame john cena accepted this role, prob not the next The Rock of the movie biz if he thought this would work lol

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Animated gif about gif in Movies by Muri. on We Heart ItJared Leto Says He Was Tricked Into Playing The Joker And Guys, He's Not  Happy - PopBuzz

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