Datsun / Nissan Z car story

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The Datsun/Nissan Z Cars Story

My father bought a 260Z 2+2 in 1976 new. To this day I love these things. Unfortunately he totalled it after a few years. I tried to convince my mother to buy the same model and colour (blue metallic) 2nd hand while he was still in hospital because I thought it would be a great surprise for him but she did not budge.  He then got a 28ZXT (because my mother insisted on buying new, what would the fucking neighbours think if we got a used car), which I never liked that much. My mother sold it after he died. I had a 280ZXT turbo for a week but had to return it because it was shit. 
IOf I could get a half decent 240, 260 or 280Z now I would be tempted. These are beautiful cars with a timeless design. And the stock sound! Many V8's can go and sulk in the corner!

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5/5 for personal anecdote.  They are definitely nice cars.

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