Cruise Ship Crushes Dock

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Msc Opera strikes River Countess in Venice 02/06/2019

In Venice, Italy today the cruise ship MSC Opera during the approaching maneuvers to the port hit the dock of the port and ended up against the river ship River Countess. According to the first reconstructions the ship had technical problems, the engines were blocked in thrust and 2 tugs tried to brake the ship, but when the tow cables broke the ship lost control and crashed into the San Basilio pier which it is used by ships of small tonnage. Just at the San Basilio was the River Countess that was hit by the MSC Opera, the ship broke the moorings and was badly damaged. At the moment there are 5 wounded, but the figure is not yet definitive, due to an accident that could certainly have caused much more damage. Everything takes place at a time when in Venice people are wondering about the possibility of banning large ships from entering the lagoon; this event will certainly increase the controversy in this regard.

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