Cops arresting Cops

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Cops arresting Cops

@0:56 "He's got a badge...Federal Bureau of...he's an FBI agent."


0:01 Police SWAT Detective Arrested For Being Drunk On The Job with Swat gear and machine gun in the back of the undercover police SUV.
0:32 Sandusky cop arrested and starts crying 
0:56 Police arrest FBI agent suspected of shooting at Grand Rapids police sergeant
1:05 Body cam - Boynton Beach Police officer pulls over major for speeding
9:12 Tucson AZ Police Officer Pulls Over His Chief
10:16 motorcyclist couldn't resist. he had to rev it
11:02 Mesa Lieutenant thought he was above the law


Cops vs Sheriffs, Sergeant, FBI Agent:

0:01 Drunk driving arrest of Midland County sheriff Scott A. Stephenson
3:54 Washtenaw County Sheriff's lieutenant Brian Filipiak
26:13 FBI Agent arrested after shooting at local police
28:00 Folly Beach Police Sgt. Shane Smith arrested by State trooper


Cops vs Politicians:

0:01 Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Greggs traffic stop
14:11 Denver mayor's son and Aurora officer captured on body camera video
15:15 "oh that's your mfkin dad" (aka mayor)


Intoxicated SWAT Detective ARRESTED (with machine-gun and tactical gear):

14:02 dog pup. they all stepped in dog poop
14:32 PSSSST! (my body camera is on) Other cop: F#%K!
18:25 what? they busted the windows on the (official SWAT) car? (he thought it was just a dream) 
18:42 "I shouldn't be arrested for anything"...
10:21 "That's an MP5". Then the OIC later says that it is a MP7: 
19:23 MP7 in the back. (a lot of law enforcement units all over the world that use the MP7 )
19:45 they will come pick you up. is that your service weapon or personal? 
21:00 your jamming me up :)
21:33 come to other side of bridge... I'll do my job.
22:19 "I run SWAT"
24:14 his kit (not kid) as in his Police SWAT gear: body armor, sub-machine gun MP7 etc...
They took the gun out of the holster at 3:28 and the knife from his pocket at 3:39 empty holster which can be seen better at 18:02

On December 22, 2017 East Cleveland Police Officer Joseph Marche was arrested for OVI in the City of Bratenahl, Ohio. Joseph Marche was appointed to the City of East Cleveland Police Department from 1998 to 2005. He left the city and his OPOTA certification ended with the city 9/16/2005.


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FAKE!!!!!! cops always lie to protect their own and lie to prosicute sovrign citizens!!!


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18:42 "I shouldn't be arrested for anything"...


Sovereign Citizen:

.a member of a political movement who believe that they are not subject to the law.


Is this police officer a Sovereign Citizen?


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First video around 11:00: Why is he constantly apologising for doing his job?

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