Cop Calls to Dog Then Shoots It

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Cleburne Texas Cop, Officer Kevin Dupre, Calls to Dog Then Shoots It


At 4:49:07 p.m., Officer Dupre notifies dispatch he had located those two dogs in a ditch just west of the complainant’s location on Cindy and he activates his body camera. Those two dogs came within 20 feet of him and he made kissing noises in an attempt to calm the dogs, knowing that Animal Control Officer Hale was enroute. The male pit bull dog crouched low, taking an aggressive posture and growling. The female pit bull dog appeared nervous. He was standing outside the ditch and the brown male pit bull dog was in the ditch. He raised his duty weapon to the ready position and pointed his pistol at the growling dogs head. As soon as he lifted his pistol, the brown male pit bull dog began coming up the hill, continuing to growl and display its teeth. At that moment Officer Dupre became in fear that the brown pit bull dog was coming to attack him and, in self-defense, fired three shots at that dog, killing it.


What do you think? Did you hear growling and teeth displaying and running up a hill? I saw two confused dogs wagging their tails wondering wtf this guy was doing then they get shot.

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