China Will Not Accept Unequal Trade Deal

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China won't accept unequal trade deal

Trump's position is that "China walked away from the deal"

Telling US media that Xi was told to accept a deal that was not 50/50 is showing a lot of ignorance of history [link]

China's position is that there are some demands they cannot meet as a matter of principle but are still willing to negotiate.


Below is a list of US demands in 2018, they read more like terms of surrrender.....


China must …

■ Cut its trade surplus by $100 billion in the 12 months starting in June, and by another $100 billion in the following 12 months.

■ Halt all subsidies to advanced manufacturing industries in its so-called Made In China 2025 program. The program covers 10 sectors, including aircraft manufacturing, electric cars, robotics, computer microchips and artificial intelligence.

■ Accept that the United States may restrict imports from the industries under Made in China 2025.

■ Take “immediate, verifiable steps” to halt cyberespionage into commercial networks in the United States.

■ Strengthen intellectual property protections.

■ Accept United States restrictions on Chinese investments in sensitive technologies without retaliating.

■ Cut its tariffs, which currently average 10 percent, to the same level as in the United States, where they average 3.5 percent for all “noncritical sectors.”

■ Open up its services and agricultural sectors to full American competition.

The United States also stipulated that the two sides should meet every quarter to review progress.

- saus


On the bright side, this will weaken the warmongering American empire and ease global warming during the economic downturn. Now that's win-win!


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