China: CNN is FakeNews

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The Point: China rebukes CNN report on deaths in Xinjiang camp

CNN recently put out a piece about Xinjiang with controversial claims about abuse etc. The story is based on a woman who says she was detained in Xinjiang.


CNN gave the Chinese Foreign Ministry no time to respond before publishing it & then claimed they'd had no response from the Chinese side.


China called the story “totally fake”, adding that “authenticity is vital to the reporting of news”.


Tursun has “never [been] detained by the Urumqi police … She has never been in prison and has never been trained in any skills education and training centre”

Chinese FM spokeswoman Hua Chunying



Some US law makers like Marco Rubio are pushing to use these defector stories as anti-China political tools.


The article is here: Uyghur refugee tells of death and fear inside China's Xinjiang camps


The video is below. 



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CNN has turned into FOX news 

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