Chernobyl: Season Two

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Massive explosion in Russian army warehouse ( full video)

What has turned out to be a nuclear accident with a nuclear cruise missile exploding at a Russian military base with radiation released in massive explosions occured August 5, 2019. The Russian government has denied anything really serious happened, only 9 people died, and you can trust Putin to tell the truth. The world media has basically been realatively quiet in comparison to other disasters in Russia. It is so-far just being caled a "Mini-Chernobyl"


Shock wave recorded when a military artillery storage explodes At the village of Kamenka, Achinsky district, Krasnoyarsk Territory, where explosions continue at the storage of powder charges for artillery ammunition, it started to rain a little, but it’s “black in color”, reports"Interfax" . In Achinsk and the suburbs, a column of smoke is visible, a strong roar is heard, the “mushroom” has risen to heaven, local residents report on social networks and publish a video of the state of emergency.


Earlier it was reported that about 10 thousand people were evacuated from the vicinity of the city. Many are trying to leave in the direction of Krasnoyarsk on their own, as a result, a multi-kilometer traffic jam formed on the road. Who has the opportunity, take fellow travelers. According to , 9 people immediately fit into one car . Within a radius of 30 kilometers from the place of emergency closed airspace, reports RIA News . Trains are delayed. Locals continue to send video of the explosions - already against the background of the night sky.


A series of fire-triggered explosions at an arms depot at a military base in the Achinsk district of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region on August 5 injured at least eight people and prompted evacuation of thousands of residents.

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Cool high explosive "dirty bomb"


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