Case for Vigilantism!

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Denver Attorney Files First Civil Case In Rittenhouse Shooting And Leftists Get it All WRONG

If the govt fails to protect you and/or abandons the citizens, and they dont have a duty to protect you, then we should have a law that protects vigilantes! If you are forced to take the law into your own hands then you should get the same ptrotections as a police officer/ the govt would have! 


The McMicheals had to take the law into their own hands when they failed to apprehend Ahmaud Arbery burglarizing their neighborhood and now they are facing murder charges, where if the police were effective then they would not have had to chase down the criminal, if they were police officers and Ahmaud tried to grab the cops gun and fight them then there would have been no trial. 

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Yes we need enhanced protection for citizens who find themselves under deadly threat from these cult idiots. They need to be isolated and marginalized, and they need to see that their gaslighting tactics related to empowering them to kill and be violent without repercussion is not viable. The natural cowardice that characterizes cult adherents should take care of the rest.

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