Bold Violent Escape Attempt

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Shocking moment 'multiple murderer' attacks prison guard

Shocking moment 'multiple murderer' attacks prison guard A college student accused of killing five people in a shooting spree was filmed trying to escape jail by locking a guard in his cell and attacking officials with a flashlight. Newly released footage shows Damian Herrera brazenly trying to escape jail for the second time after being locked up for allegedly shooting five people in Rio Arriba, New Mexico, last month. The 21-year-old college student was caught on camera shutting a guard in his cell and using a flashlight to batter another official in the head. Herrera ended up in a shocking wrestling match with several other guards, as the prisoner was Tasered and restrained in his violent escape attempt on July 15. Now police are attempting to have the man accused of killing three of his family members and two strangers transferred to a prison for the safety of the community.

This motherfucker killed 5 people!!?????? I give those guards free reign to beat him to death. Maybe light him on fire while he's still conscious. He has no regard for human life and needs to make a painful exit from existance.
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That block with the chair was pretty epic, well done.

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