Another Ultimate Awkward Compilation

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Ultimate Awkward Compilation 3

1) Dumb ass Royal Guard

2) Dumb ass purple haired leftist reveals she is the actual racist.

3) Dumb ass Latinos can't carry a fake injured guy off the field.

4) Dumb cunt fake punches herself.

5) Dumb ass Santa fucks up repelling.

6) Dumb ass TYT comedian admits to getting off to incest porn.

7) Dumb ass gets pissed off after losing.

8) Dumb ass makes sex joke and likely gets fired.

9) Dumb ass wears bad joker make-up.

10) Dumb ass fucks up Grammy introduction.

11) Dumb cunt looks like she's sucking dick.

12) Dumb ass bombs at telling a joke.

13) Dumb ass fails at getting a kiss.

14) Dumb ass white cop stairs awkwardly at camera.

15) Dumb asses fight over dancing cunt.

16) Dumb cunt breakers who own painting.

17) Dumb ass pedo Joe Biden creeps on teen girl.

18) Dumb ass tries to wash his hands in a piss trough.

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Correction : Auto life in 1 pic

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