american deported to iraq dies.


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When Iraq sends their people, they don't send their best. Often they are diabetic and or schizophrenic. 


So facts:

he was 41  <-- plenty of time to become naturalized

Born in Greece <-- wonder why they sent him to Iraq instead of Greece?

Arrested for home invasion and theft, deported after serving jail time <--- they left that out in the video above


So, a 41 year old homeless man in Detriot, who gets insulin from the tax payers on [sarcasm incoming] horrible healthcare system, never decided to get his life together and become naturalized, breaks the law, gets caught, serves time, and get deported, then dies because all the freedoms and benefits of being in the USA he took for granted. Fuck this guy, who cares, cry me a river, deport more law breakers. 


Did I get this right? 

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There are a few issues here:

The fact that he is schizophrenic could mean that he can't survive without some community or family support. If he is not of sound mind an arguement about him not getting his life together may be mute.


Based on all the details given it may have been clear that he was basically given a death sentence and I doubt that was the intent, otherwise why didn't they kill him in USA. Basically, it was not well thought out and could've been handled better.


Finally, the way people in general with mental issues are handled in the USA and Canada is not done well.


I do agree that this video is a bit of a shock and horror. I believe this reflects more on the handling of people with mental issues rather than deportation. Sure the deportation process could have a pysc eval and then evaluate whether a person could survive on their own. But it should've never gotten to this point in the first place.








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