1:24:20 - How much will you shrink?

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Joe Rogan Experience #1538 - Douglas Murray

"I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm not lying.....The problem with going along with being told to bend the knee, raise the fist, jump through the hoop, is that it demoralizes you, and it makes you a smaller person inside. You will be demoralized because at some level you'll know you shouldn't have done that....you'll feel regretful, you will feel cowardly, and it will affect your life in other ways. And the opposite is also true - the person who refuses to go along with the mob, the person who refuses to walk with the crowd, will feel quietly but significantly better about themselves, and I think will be a better person and they will achieve more in their lives whatever that is because they will have self-respect. And that's what totalitarian movements across history always knew - is that you grind people down and make them agree to lies because you will then be able to make them do anything."




Are you showing everyone that you are a party loyalist? Do you have a little sign around your neck that signals to everyone around you that you are properly subjugated? "I'm like you, we are pussies."


You think you're doing a little thing. But you're not - you are diminishing your soul by doing this, because you know that you could be something more than the person who just has to hang whatever party headquarters tells you to hang this week.

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