I made DARKNESS from the movie LEGEND

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Making DARKNESS - Sculpt and Airbrush timelapse Demo

Yes, fellas, I went ahead and decided "I must make this!". 

    Maybe some of you noticed my 2 earlier works I submitted, but I like to think I'm headed in the right direction.

The beginning is a little slower because I wanted to make sure I sync'ed the music properly.  The sculpt is done in high speed timelapse, and the begninng part of the song (called "Darkness", by Daniel Deluxe) was too slow and didn't mesh well with the rapid speed, so I had to produce an intro that kept better pace with the song.  I also didn't want to trim that part of the song out because it was highly relevant to the subject (i.e. I had one person ask me why not trim that off, but they'd never seen the movie or knew the character so it didn't make sense to them).  

  Please feel free to comment, subscribe to my channel, and/or, if you're feeling really bold, join my Patreon.  I'm really enjoying making these, and I know a lot of spikers here share my appreciation for the genre and art like this, so I hope you guys like it.  

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